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First teeth eruption: deciduous and permanent teeth

Humans have two types of teeth: the so-called milk teeth and permanent ones. As each characterises...

What you need to know on ceramic crowns

Novelties in dental medicine, in both treatments and materials, appear on an almost everyday basis...

Dental implants: replacing missing teeth, but also safeguarding oral health

It has been well established that dental implants are a better solution than classic tooth replacement techniques...
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Root upgrade – what it is and when to use it

Root augmentation is necessary in case of advanced caries or other types of tooth damage. Read more in the Riviera Dent blog.
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Bad breath

Pronounced or bad breath is a very common and noticeable phenomenon...

Diastema – gaps between the teeth

Diastema indicates a gap between the teeth, be it caused naturally or after the loss of a tooth...