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Materijali u implantologiji

Materials in dental implantology

Zircon vs. titanium in dental implants: The fight for aesthetics and functionality.

X-ray and CBCT: The basis of successful implant placement

The first step in the diagnosis is an X-ray and/or CBCT. These are irreplaceable “tools” in dental medicine that allow dentists to identify various dental problems.

Anesthesia – the “secret” of painless dentistry

ortodontski aparatić

Five steps to a beautiful smile, even with braces

Advantages of a zircon crown

Developments of materials and technologies used in dental medicine allow to choose...

Periodontitis, a common, yet often invisible enemy

Periodontitis is one of the most common dental pathologies, although it does not affect the tooth...

What are teeth made of? Fundamental facts and individual differences

What influences the colour of teeth?

The white colour of teeth is often connected with their health, but also with beauty...