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Advantages of a zircon crown

Advantages of a zircon crown

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Developments of materials and technologies used in dental medicine allow to choose targeted and high quality solutions which ensure durable results of dental treatments. While your dental practitioner will, upon carful diagnostics, explain what are the best solutions for a single problem or disease, it is important to know which solutions are at your disposal.

In fact, nowadays it is possible to choose between different fixed prosthetic solutions, including dental crowns. These are used when tooth restoration is needed, that is, when the natural crown of a tooth is so compromised that fillings cannot be applied, but its root is still healthy.

The possibilities include crowns with a metal base and non-metal ones. Thanks to their biocompatibility and appearance, very similar to that of natural teeth, one of the best solutions are zircon ceramic crowns. In fact, zircon allows manufacture of crowns without a metal base, enhancing the natural look of the replacement, as zircon filters and breaks the light in the same way as teeth do. Moreover, in the case of metal alloy based crowns, the metallic part might become visible with gum recession.

Zircon is also a very sturdy material, thus insuring stability and durability to the crown. Allergic reactions, which can sometimes occur with metal based crowns, are also avoided when using zircon ones.

The possibility to used zircon crowns is individual, so your dental practitioner will be able to tell if they are the right solution for you.