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Pronounced or bad breath is a very common and noticeable phenomenon, the causes of which are related to a whole series of disorders related to the oral cavity. Most often, however, we are talking about transient phenomena, which do not significantly affect the general state of the organism and the patient’s self-confidence. However, it is necessary to distinguish between occasional and long-term disturbances and monitor this phenomenon if it extends over a long period.

The occurrence of bad breath is related to the level of bacteria that release sulfur compounds inside the oral cavity. So very often bad breath appears in the morning, right after waking up, and in this case its cause is dryness of the oral cavity due to poor saliva production. Namely, it is saliva that helps to control the bacterial level, therefore at night, but also in certain diseases, a weaker production of saliva can cause bad breath. Another example of short-term bad breath is associated with the consumption of certain types of food, such as the well-known garlic, with smoking, taking certain medications, and the like. The long-term appearance of bad breath can be caused by various conditions and diseases of the digestive or respiratory system, such as gastritis or sinusitis, so in this case a medical check-up is definitely recommended.

However, among the most common reasons for the appearance of bad breath are dental plaque and calculus, which increase the activity of bacteria naturally present in the mouth and which, breaking down small food residues, lead to the creation of a bad smell.

For this very reason, the first step in combating bad breath is maintaining good oral hygiene. At home, this refers to brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash, and when this is not possible, chewing sugar-free gum is recommended. In addition, regular cleaning of tartar and frequent checks of the health of the gums can prevent the occurrence of bad breath, as certain periodontal problems can also affect its appearance. It is definitely recommended to reduce the consumption of spicy food, tobacco products and certain drinks.