Implantology – gingiva formers and superstructures

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Implantological procedures are carried out in several phases, one of which is aimed at the modelling of the gums so that it perfectly fits with the prosthetic part of the implant. Along with aesthetics, a good adherence of the gum is important to facilitate subsequent cleaning of the area in question.

The gingiva former, i.e. the implement used to model the gums, is applied after the implant has been set in place and osteointegration is concluded. It is a kind of mould of cylindrical shape which is placed on the implant after the gum covering it has been slit. The healing of the gums around the former will help creating a close bond between it and the implant, while the gum is modelled so to obtain a natural look.

The process of gum’s healing last a few weeks, after which the former is removed and the superstructure is placed on the implant. The latter allows the insertion of the prosthetic element, such as crowns, bridges or dentures that will perfectly imitate the natural teeth that they are replacing.