Prostheses on implants – locators and bar prostheses

Prostheses on implants

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being the remaining teeth usually not suitable to support fixed solutions, such as bridges. However, hybrid solutions which combine implants and a mobile prostheses allow to achieve much better results, which ensure comfort and practicality while being aesthetically more pleasing and sturdier than standard mobile prostheses. These prostheses are applied with the aid of locators or on the so-called bar.

In both cases a smaller number of implants is needed, a minimum being two or four, depending on the particular case and the state of the jaw.

The prostheses is then attached onto these implants. In the case of prostheses on locators the first step is the placement of implants onto which, after a period of osseointegration, the locators will be affixed. Similar locator are also attached to the prostheses, which is personalised so to perfectly fit each patient’s jaws and emulate its natural teeth. In this way the prostheses and the implants are connected, with the locators ensuring sturdiness and allowing for the prostheses to be removed for optimal hygiene.

Bar prostheses are a similar solution, but in this case the movable element is attached to a bar which is permanently placed on the implants. The prostheses is attached to the bar via a slot which is perfectly adapted to each individual prostheses, since the bar is also manufactured individually. In this way sturdiness and full functionality of the prostheses are ensured, allowing for secure chewing and the application of a prostheses without palate. In this case it is also possible to remove the prostheses to allow its regular cleaning.

By using a smaller number of implants and semi-fixed solutions, both of the described procedures ensure multiple benefits. Apart from those already mentioned, the placing of implants prevents bone loss, while the choice of the best solution depends on individual features, such as intermaxillary relations. Feel free to contact us and we will recommend the perfect solution for you.