Replacing the loss of more teeth

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In case you are facing the loss of more than one tooth the solutions at your disposal are fixed and mobile prostheses or single or multiple dental implants fitted with crowns or a bridge.

Implant restorations – single or multiple implants

Depending on the cases, dental implantology in Croatia offers various possibilities in the case of the loss of more than one tooth. It is in fact possible to place more implants on which single ceramic crowns can be attached or a small number of implants to which a dental bridge can be anchored. To be able to proceed with this solution your dental practitioner might need to perform preparatory treatments regarding bone volume and gums.

Both solutions do not have adverse effects on adjacent healthy teeth and help maintain bone and soft tissues in good health. Just as with any implantological procedure, bridges need to be periodically check by a doctor and regular hygiene has to be maintained.

Classical prosthetic solutions

Partial fixed and mobile prosthesis are among the common solutions in case of multiple tooth loss. The first solutions comprises bridges applied to supports – i.e. adjacent teeth, while in the second case the prosthesis is held in place by anchors and can be removed.

In both cases the stability of the solution is lower compared to implants and their impact on surrounding teeth and tissues is considerable.

Contact Rivier Dent to restore multiple tooth loss, we will help you choose the solution that best fits your lifestyle and oral health. We are at your disposal for both consultations and planning the necessary procedures.

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