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The procedure of sinus lifting is a preliminary treatment done before the insertion of dental implants. In fact, a prolonged lack of teeth leads to reduced bone volume. When this happens in the back area of the upper jaw the sinus can, by pneumatisation, take over the area previously occupied by the bone.

A low positioned sinus can sometimes by an obstacle for implants placement, especially in the lateral area of the upper jaw, so in such cases sinus lifting is necessary.

Types of sinus lift procedures:

Sinus lifting is an oral chirurgic procedure performed in local anaesthesia, painless and usually free from complications.
Depending on the scale of the procedure there are two techniques of sinus lifting:

Small sinus lifting:

The technique is performed with the aid of an instrument used for sinus lifting called osteotome

it is carried out along with implant’s placement when there is enough bone, and the loss is not larger than 2 mm

an osteotome of the same width as the implant is used to rise the sinus’ membrane, while the artificial bone is placed in the area immediately prior to the placement of the implant

Small sinus lifting:

the area where the procedure is carried out is approached laterally

done through an opening in the contact between the sinus and the oral cavity

the sinus’ membrane is elevated to allow the placement of a bone graft

if there is sufficient bone volume, the implant gets placed immediately, otherwise, the procedure is completed after six to eight months upon bone integration

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