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What you need to know on ceramic crowns

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Novelties in dental medicine, in both treatments and materials, appear on an almost everyday basis, so it is hard for the patients to know what are the new material that the dental care specialist might suggest. In the segments of both implantology and aesthetics new materials have been developed as well, among which ceramic crowns certainly stand out.

What are ceramic crowns?

These are crowns that do not posses a metal base but are fully made of porcelain material. Crowns, which imitate the shape of natural teeth can be applied directly to a tooth or can be fixed to an implant, while they can be used in dental bridges as well. In the first case cement is used to bond the crown to a damaged or otherwise hindered tooth, while in the second case it is fixed directly to the implant’s abutment.

Crowns are made of metal or zirconium on which a ceramic finish is applied, or in the case of fully ceramic crowns, the whole structure is made of a ceramic material, more precisely lithium disilicate.

What are the advantages of ceramic crowns?

Ceramics, or better, the porcelain of which crowns are made, is a very specific material that allows crowns to have a color and texture resembling perfectly those of the natural tooth. Thus excellent aesthetic results can be achieved.

On the other hand, this material is fully biocompatible, so allergies, sometimes occurring with metallic crowns, are avoided. Also, these crowns do not cause gums to change color or to recede, which can happen in time with other types of crowns. When applying crowns directly to a tooth, with ceramic ones more tooth tissues can be preserved.

Nevertheless, ceramic crowns are suitable for application on front teeth, where their aesthetic value can be fully appreciated, while for back teeth metal-based crowns are a better choice due to their sturdiness. Also, ceramic crowns are usually applied when one tooth has to be treated, while for bridges metallic or zirconium-metallic crowns are a better solution. The choice of the most suitable crown’s type should nevertheless be left to your dental medicine practitioner, who will take into account all factors and suggest the best solution for each patient. That is why at Riviera Dent we always pay attention to the individual needs of our patients, having in mind all options, but also the possibilities of each case.

Whichever crown type you choose, if appropriate attention is paid to hygiene and regular visits at the dentist are performed, they can last for a lifetime!