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All-on-4 dental implants

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All-on-4 implantology method is an advanced technique that allows entire jaw tooth replacement with a minimally invasive procedure. Developed in 1998, this technique utilizes four strategically positioned implants, two of the latter inclined, which are able to support a fixed prosthesis or bridge.

There are many  advantages of the All-on-4 technique, regarding both the speed of the procedure and the impact it has on the patient’s life. The fact that only four implants are needed also helps reducing the overall cost.

One of the major benefits is that back implants can be applied even in situations of low bone volume, as, thanks to their inclination, they utilize at most the natural bone. Also, there is the possibility to proceed immediately with the positioning of a temporary prosthesis or bridge, so that the patient is never toothless. This allows for fast recovery of normal everyday activities without the need for longer convalescence or toothlessness, so typical insecurities, speech difficulties and the need for specific dietary needs do not occur. After three or four month a fixed prosthesis or bridge are applied.

Therefore, the All-on-4 is an excellent substitute to the mobile prosthesis having many of the oral health advantages that usually come with a fixed solution. The possibility to proceed with this method is, of course, individual, which is why your dental health doctor needs to do a series of diagnostic procedures to be able to evaluate each case.

At Riviera Dent we can provide you with a <strong>detailed diagnostic evaluation</strong> in order to decide, together with the patient, if the All-on-4 is really the best solution. As far as the procedure is concerned, thanks to the excellent Megagen implants we use and the best preparative procedure, we are able to minimise all risks.

Contact us without hesitation, and we will evaluate the necessary diagnostic treatments and provide you with an indicative costs estimate.