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Dental Implants are the best solution
for tooth loss

Dental implants are the best solution to substitute the loss of one or more teeth. In fact, they are the best solution not only for aesthetics, but also for pronunciation and chewing. Moreover, the placing of implants helps maintain the health of the surrounding teeth and avoid damage caused by bridge solutions. Dental implants also help prevent bone resorption (loss of bone volume) which occurs with the loss of several teeth and is more pronounced in those patients using mobile dental prostheses.

What are dental implants and how they work?

Dental implants are substitutive metal elements that resemble teeth roots. They can be manufactured of biocompatible titanium or zirconium. The implant is inserted within the mandibular of maxillary bone.

Implants can be used in combination with crowns, bridges, All-on-four, All-on-six or Locator fixed prosthesis, serving as the bearing structure for these elements

Between three and six month upon implants placing osseointegration occurs, ending the process in which bone and implant form an intimate union. After this a gum former is applied in preparation for the future abutment positioning. Finally, the chosen prosthetic implement will be applied to the abutment.

Everything you need to know if you are considering implants’ placement?

Choosing to proceed with implants’ placement is an important decision, so a professional approach from the first phases of consultation is very important. That is why, before even starting the procedure, a series of diagnostic tests will be run to assure the feasibility of the procedure or detect possible contraindications. The basis to calculate implant’s placement feasibility is the amount of bone volume, as in several cases implant’s placement is not possible or it has to be preceded by preparatory procedures such as sinus lift or bone grafting.

Among other factors which the specialist has to bear in mind are several diseases, but also certain habits. In facts, implants are rarely placed in those patients who suffer from severe or chronic disease (cancer, diabetes), while smokers are strongly encouraged to quit if they should choose to go on with this procedure.

Maintenance and optimal durability

The success of implants’ placement procedures relies on your dentist, but maintenance and the duration of results rely on the patient as well. Just as with natural teeth good hygiene is fundamental, and preventing is far better than curing. So, if sometimes you would skip your regular dentist’s appointment, in the case of implants’ holders this is not recommended. In fact, your dentist will have to follow the state of your implants, in particular during convalescence, so that, if unwanted changes are notices, action can be taken immediately.

Materials used in implantology

The success of implants’ placement procedure, apart from depending on individual patient’s characteristics, leans on the professionalism of the dentist and surgeon as well as on the quality of materials used. At Riviera Dent, our twenty years of experience and constant specialisation are backed up by the use of only the best materials.

Zato koristimo implantate renomiranih tvrtki Bredent, Dentium i Megagen-Anyridge, čija je kvaliteta potvrđena ISO certifikatima. The Megagen-Anyridge premium implants, standing on two years of research, have proven to be among the best implant systems on the market. The principle we follow at Riviera Dent is that of serious diagnostics backed by extensive consultations, followed by correct preparations and patient evaluation, and ended by a professional procedure done with the best materials. That is how we can guarantee you a successful procedure and long-lasting results.