Preventive and conservative dentistry

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Prevention is the best way to safeguard the health of teeth and mouth. Although preventive treatments are usually applied from a young age, these are not meant only for youngsters. In fact, targeted preventive treatments, if carried out regularly, can help postpone the development of certain symptoms and safeguard dental health throughout one’s life.

The foundation of all dental prevention lies in good oral hygiene backed up by regular visits to the dentist, during which treatments for preventing certain symptoms or taking care of tooth enamel and gums can be performed. The most common preventive treatments are:

Dental grooves sealing

Removal of scaling

Tooth fluoridation



This branch of dental medicine is part of the wider dental restoration segment, targeting the most common dental disease – tooth decay or caries. In fact, the most common cause of dental tissue degradation is the formation of tooth cavities due to caries. By removing caries the damaged tissue is replaced by dental fillings which replicate the shape of the tooth’s damaged section, preserving its functionality and aesthetics. Similar procedures can be applied in the cases of small dental fractures or dental erosion.

Conservative dentistry includes:

Removal of dental calculus

Caries treatment

Fillings – stopping teeth

Inlay, onlay, overlay

Root treatment – endodontics

Modern materials used for dental fillings are developed to assure restoration durability and high aesthetics standards. At Riviera Dent we have chosen to use only last generation composite fillings which provide excellent lasting results and allow us to place filling which imitate to perfection the look and feel of natural teeth.

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