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Pediatric dentistry

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Pedodontics or children’s dentistry is a part of dental medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of children’s teeth.

Dental prevention is a habit that must be acquired at an early age, while taking care of the primary teeth and later by monitoring the growth of the permanent ones. It is important to learn from an early age the techniques of dental hygiene and get used to regular dental visits. For this reason, the first experiences at the dentist are vital not only for health but also for a positive attitude that will minimize fear. The dentist will explain to both you and your child how to perform dental hygiene, what needs to be monitored at home and which are the timings for regular visits.

Apart from consultations and monitoring, dental care in children includes:

Dental grooves sealing


treatment of deciduous teeth

But with the appearance of permanent teeth, it becomes important to control their proper growth   ​placement in the jaws, and to access possible orthodontic procedures.

Visit us at Riviera Dent with your children before complications occur so that they can gain confidence in the doctor and get used to regular visits. And together you will learn how to properly care for your teeth, so that they can enjoy a beautiful smile and preserve their health even in adulthood.

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