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The innovation in orthodontics

Invisalign is a system of invisible braces, in fact aligners, that are individually manufactured for each patient. During the treatment with Invisalign more aligners are made, so that they gradually adapt to the new tooth position, finally leading to a perfect smile.

Invisalign technology was developed twenty years ago in the USA, from where it spread all over the world, today counting a few millions of satisfied patients.

How do the transparent aligners work?

At the very beginning, a mold of your teeth is made, on the basis of which the doctor will design a detailed treatment plan with the help of the ClinCheck 3D planner. This system predicts the movements that teeth will have during each phase which allows detailed planning and predicting the end results. In this way a set of different aligners is manufactured, which are then gradually changed until the final result is achieved.

Each aligner is worn for two weeks, during which the teeth move slightly until reaching a certain position, when the next aligner kicks in. Periodical visits at the dentists’ assure that the treatment is comfortable and that everything is proceeding as planned.

Usually, unless different instructions are given by the doctor, periodical visits are required every 6 to 8 weeks.

Invisalign aligners are worn 20 to 22 hours a day, but are removed during meals and tooth brushing, which makes them extremely practical, as these are, along with aesthetics, the main problems of regular braces.

Innovative technology

The Invisalign system is in constant development, which is why we can offer you top orthodontic solutions.

Simple, practical and painless

The only brace that does not cause problems with hygiene, feeding and aesthetics and does not have unpleasant wires

Carefully planned treatment

With the ClinCheck system, each treatment phase is carefully planned, and the results are predicted from the very beginning

Millions of satisfied patients

Over 14 million patients from all over the world have chosen Invisalign to achieve a perfect smile.

Is Invisalign fit for your needs?

Invisalign aligners are fit to solve most orthodontic problems, being that of badly aligned teeth or wrong bite.

With the aid of Invisalign’s planer, the doctor will check if Invisalign is the best solution for you and estimate the necessary duration of the treatment in order to obtain an ideal teeth position and thus a beautiful smile.

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